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Emeritus Professor
Arizona State University


Professor Emerita, School of Human Evolution and Social Change, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

SHESC Theme: Human Origins, Evolution and Diversity

Field Specializations: Comparative Functional and Evolutionary Morphology, Modeling and Simulation, Physical Anthropology, Primatology, Spatial Technologies

Regional Focus: International


1964, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley


Marzke's research is in the area of comparative functional and evolutionary biology of primates, with a focus on the evolution of the hand and bipedality. Her approaches include laser scanning with 3-D analysis of wrist joint surface areas, angles and curvatures, in vivo kinematic and electromyographic studies of human hand and wrist movements and muscle recruitment during the manufacture and manipulation of prehistoric tools, and in vitro measurement of joint ranges of motion and muscle cross sectional areas, tendon excursion and moment arms in catarrhine primates.

She is a founding member of the ASU Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling (PRISM), initially funded by the NSF, where extensive and important new capabilities for 3-D analysis of joint surfaces have been developed, and served as codirector of the ASU IGERT Program, Neural and Musculoskeletal Adaptations in Form and Function, also funded by the NSF. She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and an Honorary Member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.


Marzke, Mary (2013). Tool making, hand morphology and fossil hominins. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B , 368, 20120414.

Marzke, M.W., Tocheri, M.W., Steinberg, B., Femiani, J.D., Reece, S.P., Linscheid, R.L., Orr, C.M. & Marzke, R.F. (2010). Comparative 3D quantitative analyses of trapeziometacarpal joint surface curvatures among living catarrhines and fossil hominins. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 141, 38-51.

Marzke, M.W. (2010). Upper-limb evolution and development. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 91:26-30.

Marzke, Mary W., PhD, Linscheid, Ronald L., MD (2010). Anthropology and Comparative Anatomy. In: William P. Cooney III, MD (ed): The Wrist. Diagnosis and Operative Treatment. Second Edition. Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, pp. 13-24.

Orr, C.M., Leventhall, E.L., Chivers, S.F., Marzke, M.W., Wolfe, S.W. & Crisco, J.J. (2010). Studying primate carpal kinematics in three dimensions using a computed-tomography-based markerless registration method. The Anatomical Record, 293, 692-709.

Tocheri, M.W., Orr, C.M., Jacofsky, M.C. & Marzke, M.W. (2008). The evolutionary history of the hominin hand since the last common ancestor of Pan and Homo. Journal of Anatomy, 215, 544-562.

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Marzke, M.W. (2005). Who made stone tools? In V. Roux and B. Brill (Eds.), Stone knapping: The necessary preconditions for a uniquely hominin behaviour. Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

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Marzke, M.W. & Marzke, R.F. (2000). Evolution of the human hand: Approaches to acquiring, analyzing and interpreting the anatomical evidence. Journal of Anatomy, 197(Part 1), 121-140.

Marzke, M.W., Marzke, R.F., Linscheid, R.L., Smutz, P., Steinberg, B., Reece, S., An, K.N. (1999). Chimpanzee thumb muscle cross sections, moment arms and potential torques, and comparisons with humans. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 110(2), 163-178.

Marzke, M.W., Toth, N., Schick, K., Reece, S., Steinberg, B., Hunt, K., Linscheid, R.L., & An, K.N. (1998). EMG study of hand muscle recruitment during hard hammer percussion manufacture of Oldowan tools. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 105(3), 315-332.

Marzke, M.W. (1997). Precision grips, hand morphology and tools. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 102(1), 91-110.

Marzke, M.W., Young, D.L., Hawkey, D.E., Su, S.M., Fritz, J., Alford, P.L. (1996). Comparative analysis of weight gain, hand/wrist maturation and dental emergence rates in chimpanzees aged 0-24 months from varying captive environments. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 99:175-190.

Publications and Other Intellectual ContributionsGoogle Scholar

  1. Book chapter: Marzke, Mary. Stone Knapping: the Necessary Conditions for a Uniquely Hominid Behaviour. McDonald Monograph Series (2006).

  2. M Shrewsbury, Mary Marzke, R Linscheid, S Reece. Comparative morphology of the pollical distal phalanx. American Journal of Physical Anthropology (2003).

  3. M Tocheri, Mary Marzke, D Liu, M Bae, G Jones, R Williams, A Razdan. Functional capabilities of modern and fossil hominid hands: 3D analysis of trapezia. American Journal of Physical Anthropology (2003).

  4. Mary Marzke. Review of "Bones: Structure and Mechanics" by John D. Currey. American Journal of Human Biology (2003).

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  1. Marzke, Mary Body size, limb proportions, and positional behavior during ontogeny in captive chimpanzees. American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

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Research Activity Research Awards

  1. Marzke,Mary * , Spencer,Mark Alan , . Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Three-dimensional morphometrics and kinematics of anthropoid wrist and the evolution of knuckle-walking. NSF-SBE (8/1/2006 - 7/31/2007).
  3. He,Jiping * , Abbas,James , Gerritsen,Karin G , Hoppensteadt,Frank , Jung,Ranu , Marzke,Mary , Marzke,Robert F , Razdan,Anshuman , Razdan,Anshuman , Reed,Kaye E , Santello,Marco , Satterlie,Richard A , Stelmach,George Edward , Sweeney,James David , Willis,Wayne Tyrus , Yamaguchi,Gary Tad , Young,Dennis L , . IGERT: MUSCULOSKELETAL & NEURAL ADAPTATIONS IN FORM & FUNCTION. NSF-EHR (6/30/2000 - 7/31/2008).
  4. Razdan,Anshuman * , Behrens,John Thomas , Capco,David George , Collins,Daniel Lee , Farin,Gerald E , Henderson,Mark Richard , Marzke,Mary , Mccartney,Peter H , Nielson,Gregory M , Panchanathan,Sethuraman , Ramakrishna,B L , Rowe,Jeremy , Simon,Arleyn W , . 3D KNOWLEDGE: ACQUISITION REPRESENTATION & ANALYSIS IN A DISTRIBUTED ENVIRONMENT. NSF-CISE (9/1/1999 - 2/29/2004).

* principal investigator

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  1. American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Organized symposium for 2003 annual meeting (ended 2003)
  2. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Reviewer (ended 2003)
  3. American Journal of Primatology, Reviewer (ended 2003)
  4. Chair search committee, Member (ended 2003)
  5. Clinical Anatomy, Reviewer (ended 2003)
  6. Department of Exercise Science (now Kinesiology), Member of Executive Committee (ended 2003)
  7. Executive Committee, IGERT Program in Musculoskeletal and Neural Adaptations in Form and Function, Member as Co-Director of the Program (ended 2003)
  8. Faculty search committee, Member (ended 2003)
  9. Journal of Human Evolution, Reviewer (ended 2003)
  10. LSB Leaky Foundation, Reviewer of grant proposals (ended 2003)
  11. NSF, Reviewer of grant proposals (ended 2003)
  12. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Reviewer (ended 2003)
  13. Research and Development Committee, Member (ended 2003)
  14. University of Wisconsin, Milwauke, Reviewer for promotion to full professor (ended 2003)

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Curriculum Vitae / Resume

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