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Bonnie Beezhold

Adjunct Faculty



Bonnie L. Beezhold, PhD, MHS
Clinical Assistant Professor


  • PhD - Arizona State University, AZ, 2008
    Physical Activity, Nutrition, & Wellness - Nutrition
  • MHS - Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, MD, 2002
    International Health - Human Nutrition
  • BS - DePaul University, IL, 1984
    Commerce - Finance

Research Interests

Mental health (mood and mental energy), omega-3 fatty acids, vegetarian nutrition, complementary nutrition


Spring 2011

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
NTR 241 Human Nutrition
NTR 340 Appls in Human Nutrition
NTR 525 Complementary Nutrition

Curriculum Vitae / Resume

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