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David Mackinnon

Mail Code: 1104

PSYN 315 (Map)


Foundation Professor, Department of Psychology (Quantitative, Social), College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1986

Research Interests

Quantitative: Statistical methods, particularly as applied in health promotion and disease prevention research; mediation of intervention effects; categorical data analysis.

Social/Cognitive: the role of social influence and cognitive factors in health behavior, effects of warnings, tobacco and drug prevention.


Research in Prevention Laboratory


Spring 2016

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
PSY 499 Individualized Instruction
PSY 543 Stat Mediation Analysis

Fall 2015

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
PSY 530 Intermed Statistics

Spring 2015

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
PSY 536 Stat Mthds Prevention Research

Fall 2013

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
PSY 591 Seminar

Fall 2012

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
PSY 530 Intermed Statistics

Spring 2012

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
PSY 591 Seminar

Fall 2011

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
PSY 530 Intermed Statistics

Publications and Other Intellectual ContributionsGoogle Scholar

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  1. University of Houston, Promotion Reviewer (2010 - present)
  2. University of Miami, Promotion Reviewer (2010 - present)
  3. University of Pittsburgh, Promotion Reviewer (2010 - present)
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  26. Quantitative Search Committee, Member (2006 - present)
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  37. Psychological Methods, Reviewer (2004 - present)
  38. Quantitative Methods Area Head, Area Head (2010)
  39. Committee to select Graduate Mentor of the year, Committee member (2010)
  40. PAC Committee, member

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