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Michael Piburn

MC 1011 Curr & Instrution
Arizona State University



Michael D. Piburn

Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University 


a.  Professional Preparation

Princeton University.   Geology.  Ph.D, 1967

University of California, Davis.  Geology.  BS, 1961

b.  University Appointments

            1989-2004       Arizona State University

1983-89                      Westminster College of Salt Lake City

1967-83                      Rutgers University

1966-67                      Princeton University

c. Recent Articles

            Piburn, M., van der Hoeven Kraft, K. & Pacheco, H. (2011).  A new century for

geoscience education research.  Prepared for the National Academies, Board on Science

Education, Committee on the Status, Contributions and Future Directions of Discipline

Based Education Research.

            Reynolds, S., Piburn, M., Leedy, D., McAuliffe, C., Birk, J. & Johnson, J. (2006).  The Hidden Earth: Interactive, computer-based modules for geoscience learning.  In Manduca, C. & Mogk, D. (Eds.).  Earth and Mind: How Geologists Think and Learn About the Earth. Geological Society of America.

            Piburn, M., Reynolds, S., McAuliffe, C., Leedy, D., Birk, J. & Johnson, J. (2005).  The role of visualization in learning from computer-based images.  International Journal of Science Education, 27(5) 513-527.

            Sawada, D., Piburn, M., Judson, E., Turley, J., Falconer, K., Benford, R. & Bloom, I. (2002).  Measuring reform practices in science and mathematics classrooms: The Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol.  School Science and Mathematics, 102(6), 245-253.

Piburn, M., Sawada, D., Turley, J., Falconer, K., Benford, R., Bloom, I. & Judson, E.

(2000).  Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol: Reference Manual (Technical Report

No. INOO-3).  Tempe,AZ: Arizona Collaborative for Excellence in the Preparation of


d. Other

  • Fulbright Senior Scholar, The Technion, Haifa, Israel (2008)
  • Program Officer, Elementary, Secondary and Informal Education, National Science Foundation (2004-2005).
  • Co-Editor, Journal of Research in Science Teaching (2001-2005).


Research Activity Research Awards

  1. Reynolds,Stephen James * , Piburn,Michael D , . THE HIDDEN EARTH CURRICULUM--A VISUAL, INTERACTIVE APPROACH TO COLLEGE GEOLOGY. NSF-EHR (2/15/2002 - 1/31/2006).
  2. Lawson,Anton Eric * , Baker,Dale Rose , Birk,James Peter , Carlson,Marilyn P , Cohen,Herbert George , Hestenes,David Orlin , Knaupp,Jonathan E , Mayer,James Walter , Piburn,Michael D , Reynolds,Stephen James , Staley,Frederick Allan , Wyckoff,Susan , Zandieh,Michelle Jeanette , . EVALUATION FOR THE ARIZONA COLLABORATIVE FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE PREPARATION OF TEACHERS. NSF-EHR (9/1/2000 - 8/31/2004).
  3. Reynolds,Stephen James * Piburn,Michael D . THE HIDDEN EARTH - VISUALIZATION OF GEOLOGIC FEATURES AND THEIR SUBSURFACE GEOMETRY. NSF-GEO (1/1/2000 - 12/31/2002).

* principal investigator

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