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Emeritus Professor
Humanities Arts & Cultural

Retired Faculty or Staff
Arizona State University



Dr. Robert D. Taylor

Director of Graduate Studies and Special Programs

New College

Office: FAB N301F, West campus

Phone: (602) 543-3025



Profile: A native of the United Kingdom, Rob Taylor earned his B.A. in integrative arts – creative arts, writing, English and performance from Manchester Metropolitan University and his M.A. in literature from Essex University. In 1989 Dr. Taylor completed his Ph.D. in theatre and film, performance theory and writing from the University of Kansas. He held positions at Kansas, New York University and Liverpool Polytechnic before coming to ASU’s West campus in 1996.

Dr. Taylor is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in performing and visual arts.  He has written for, directed and performed for stage and television, worked on documentaries, presented exhibitions and installations in galleries and museums, published and presented scholarly papers in the areas of photographic history, theatre and performing arts practice, theory, history, and pedagogy.

Dr. Taylor’s most recent research and creative output has included leadership of the acquisition, digital archiving, and museum/gallery presentation team for the Schwemberger Photographs, a very large collection of glass plate negatives of American Indian subjects, 1902-1908.  For proposed sabbatical research, Dr. Taylor plans to study The Tuy Cloister Wall Markings - a second venture into historical research, digital archiving and museum/gallery presentation of historical material.

Selected Publications/Creative Activities:


2009  Theatre:  Art in Action, 3rd Edition, Taylor and Strickland, (Macmillan/McGraw Hill Glencoe, 2008)  ISBN 978-0-07-880776-3

2007  The Schwemberger Photographs, chapter in Place & American Indian History & Culture, London, (Peter Lang, AG, 2007). pp 113-126.  ISBN 1422-9005 ISBN 978-3-03911-049-0

Creative Activities:

2009 Responses.  A Gallery Installation of Irish and American Prints inspired by Schwemberger’s photography at The Promega Gallery, Madison Wisconsin.  

2008 Response.  A Gallery exhibition of 24 artist prints responding to the Schwemberger Photographic Collection as source material. The Belfast College of Art Gallery, University of Ulster, N. Ireland. 

2007 The St. Michaels Wire Recordings.  Digital transposition of a collection of vintage wire recordings, mainly of Navajo language – an acquisition from the archives of St. Michaels Mission, Navajo Reservation.  


Research Interests

Dr. Taylor's research interests include interdisciplinarity, especially in the visual and performing arts, digital archiving, and creative writing.


Fall 2014

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
ENG 494 Special Topics
IAP 101 Art, Artist, and Culture
IAP 494 Special Topics
MAS 598 Special Topics

Fall 2013

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
IAP 101 Art, Artist, and Culture

Fall 2012

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
IAP 334 Conceptual Develop in the Arts

Spring 2012

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
IAS 294 Special Topics
MAS 595 Continuing Registration

Publications and Other Intellectual ContributionsGoogle Scholar

  1. Robert D. Taylor and Robert D. Strickland. Theatre: Art in Action 3rd. Edition. McGraw Hill, Glencoe (2009).

  2. Rob and Christy Taylor with support from Daniel Swadener, ASU Tempe.. Responses. Promega (2009).

  3. Rob Taylor, Christy Taylor, Isabel Ferrales. Hand Held Fans: An Exhibition/Abancos De Mano: Una Exhibicion. New College (2009).

  4. Taylor, Robert D, Robert, Strickland D.. Theatre: Art in Action (3rd edition). McGraw Hill, Glencoe (2008).

  5. Rob Taylor & Robert Peters. Response. ASU (2008).

  6. Rob Taylor, Curator. NASAW Art Show. ASU & Heard Museum (2008).

  7. Taylor, Robert D. THE SCHWEMBERGER PHOTOGRAPHS. Seacourt Print Workshop (2007).

  8. Book chapter: . A Day In The Life of A Pencil (playscript). Graffiti Theatre Company, Cork, Eire (2007).

  9. Book chapter: Taylor, Robert D (Author) ,Ringlero, Aleta (Author) . The Schwemberger Photographs, (Taylor) and "Simeon Schwemberger: Observations of Big Eyes." (Ringlero, edited by Taylor). Place and American Indian History & Culture. Peter Lang, AG, London, UK (2007).

  10. Taylor, Robert. A Day in The Life of a Pencil. ASU La Sala (2007).

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  1. Rob Taylor ART, Technology and Interdisciplinarity in the 21st C. Academy. The Peking/York Symposium at York University, Toronto. (Oct 2009).
  2. Rob Taylor Responses: Irish and American prints Inspired by Schwemberegr. Public Lecture at Promega Gallery, Madison Wisconsin. (Mar 2009).
  3. Taylor, Robert The Schwemberger Photographic Collection. Exhibition and Lecture at Estrella Mountain Community College, 2006-07. (Nov 2006).
  4. Taylor, Robert The Schwemberger Photographs. Place and American Indian History, Literature & Culture: American Indian Workshop Int. Conf. (Mar 2006).

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Research Activity Research Awards

  1. Kennedy,Jeffery T * , Taylor,Robert D , . CAFE DESIRE. PHOENIX ARTS COMMISSION (8/1/2002 - 11/1/2002).
  2. Kennedy,Jeffery T * Taylor,Robert D . CAFE DESIRE. AZ COMM ON THE ARTS (7/1/2002 - 6/30/2003).

* principal investigator

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  1. Graduate Council, Member (2009 - present)
  2. Graduate Studies and Special Programs, Director (2009 - present)
  3. New Degree Development, Design/Develop/Coordinate (2008 - present)
  4. OLEG, Direct the online education group (2008 - present)
  5. OLEg, Director (2008 - present)
  6. MAIS, Director of MAIS Graduate Program (2007 - present)
  7. 5th Campus Advisory Group, Participate in development of online education (2007 - present)
  8. All campus committee on New Arts Degree Development, Member (2007 - present)
  9. Heard Museum NASAW Workshop, Director (2001 - 2010)
  10. United States Congressional Art Show, Judge (2008)
  11. United States Congressional Art Show, Judge and Organizer (2008)
  12. IAP/NCIAS, Artistic Director (2000 - 2008)
  13. ACDC Steering Committee, Member (2004 - 2007)
  14. IAP/NCIAS, Chair (2000 - 2007)
  15. Search Committee NCIAS Dean/VP, Member (2006 - 2007)
  16. NASAW Workshop, (2007)
  17. Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies Committee, Member of curriculum work group and Graduate Studies Committee (2002 - 2007)
  18. Dixie State College, Utah, Consultant for the development of an Interdisciplinary Arts Program (2006 - 2007)
  19. ACDC at the West campus, Co-Chair (2004 - 2006)
  20. University of Kansas, Professional Advisory Board for Theatre & Film, Board Member (1996 - 2006)
  21. New College Internal Grants Committee, Member (2005 - 2006)
  22. Task Force on Non-Tenure-Accruing Faculty Development, Committee, or Task-Force Member - as a Dept. Chair Representative (2003 - 2006)
  23. Estrella Mountain Community College, Consultant for the development of an Interdisciplinary Fine Arts Associates Degree (2001 - 2006)

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Curriculum Vitae / Resume

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