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Adrian Sannier

Chief Academic Technology Officer
EdPlus at ASU
Mail Code: 9508

CPCOM 462 (Map)


Adrian Sannier is the Chief Academic Technology Officer for ASU Online and a Professor of Practice in the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Engineering at Arizona State University. He is part of the ASU team pursuing an ambitious program of general education reform that Inside Higher Education called "ground zero for data-driven teaching in higher education", combining Big Data, social networking, and evidence based instruction to drive better student outcomes at scale.
Previously, Sannier was Senior Vice President for Product at Pearson, the world’s largest education company, where he helped forge a partnership between ASU Online and Pearson. Under the agreement, Pearson provides ASU with technology, content, and services to support ASU's twin goals of access and excellence. While at Pearson, Sannier also led the product teams responsible for Learning Studio, Tapestry, Equella, and #OpenClass.
Sannier has been an outspoken evangelist for the increased use of technology in Education (seeEducause articleAcademic Technologies Summit 2012 video or ASU and Google Apps video). In 2012 The Chronicle of Higher Education named Sannier one of the “12 Tech Innovators Who Are Transforming Campuses”.
Sannier also served as CIO at ASU from 2005-2010, and as a professor in the Division of Computing Studies. At Iowa State University, Sannier was the Stanley Professor for Interdisciplinary Engineering and the Associate Director of the Virtual Reality Applications Center
Before joining academia, Sannier led the PC game studio EAI Interactive, an independent developer of children’s games. EAI created best-selling titles for game publishers like Mattel, Hasbro, Crayola, Disney and Pixar as well educational content for leading publishers such as Elsevier, McGraw-Hill and Pearson.

Research Interests

Human Computer Interaction, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Genetic Algorithms, and Adaptive Learning Technologies


Spring 2015

Courses Taught This Semester
Course Number Course Title
DCI 790 Reading and Conference

Publications and Other Intellectual ContributionsGoogle Scholar

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  1. Walter, Bryan, Knutzon, Jared, Sannier, Adrian, Oliver, James VR Aided Control of UAVs/UGVs. 24th Army Science Conference, Orlando, Florida. (Nov 2004).

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