California Guaranteed Program for Admission

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By signing up for ASU’s Guaranteed Program for Admission, I am indicating that I agree to the terms and requirements of the program:

  • I am attending a partnering California community college.
  • My community college and ASU may share information about my admissions and transcript information with each other.
  • I am subject to all policies, rules and conditions of each institution (my community college and ASU).
  • I have read the university admission requirements for the Guaranteed Program for Admission.
  • I understand that in order to receive the benefits of this program, I must follow the timeline by transferring to ASU and enrolling in ASU classes within two years of signing up for the Guaranteed Program for Admission.
  • I am aware of the benefits available to me through the Guaranteed Program for Admission.
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† Some ASU colleges/schools have additional requirements to their programs, including higher GPA requirements, auditions and more.
There are no consequences for a student who chooses neither to participate in the Guaranteed Program for Admission nor attend ASU after completing the sign up form.