Applied Business Data Analytics, Certificate


The certificate in applied business data analytics is for students who are interested in practical uses for computer-based tool suites that are capable of managing vast amounts of data; providing sophisticated but easy to use means to manage and analyze that data; and to leverage those tools for making good decisions about projects, process designs and fundamental decision-making tasks. Exposure to predictive analytics and modeling, big-data techniques, and visualization provides significant insight into the advanced uses of the computer-based tools. Critical thinking is an important skill and mindset that is required to establish and evaluate evidence-based benchmarks for making good decisions leading to high-quality outcomes.

Program Requirements

The certificate in applied business data analytics requires 18 credit hours to complete and is available to all majors. There are no prerequisite courses. At least 12 credit hours must be upper division.

Required courses include:
CIS 105 Computer Applications and Information Technology, CS (3)
CIS 308 Advanced Excel in Business (3)
CIS 309 Business Process Management (3)
CIS 311 Business Project Management (3)
CIS 405 Business Intelligence (3)
one statistics course (3)*

*approved statistics courses:

AGB 360 Agribusiness Statistics, CS (3)
ECN 221 Business Statistics, CS (3)
GIS 470 Statistics for Geographers, CS (3)
IEE 380 Probability and Statistics for Engineering Problem Solving, CS (3)
JUS 302 Statistical Analysis for Justice Studies, CS (3)
PAF 301 Applied Statistics, CS (3)
POS 401 Political Statistics, CS (3)
PSY 230 Introduction to Statistics, CS (3)
QBA 221 Statistical Analysis, CS (3)
STP 226 Elements of Statistics, CS (3)
STP 280 Probability and Statistics for Researchers (3)
STP 326 Intermediate Probability, CS (3)
STP 420 Introductory Applied Statistics, CS (3)

Note: If you have a statistics course not listed, you must consult with Maria Chomina in the W. P. Carey School of Business for approval.

CIS 105 is a prerequisite to the other four courses. To earn the certificate, students must complete all courses with a grade of "C" (2.00 on a scale of 4.00) or higher.

Enrollment Requirements
Attend Online

ASU offers this program in an online format with multiple enrollment sessions throughout the year and accelerated 7.5 week classes. View the program description and request more information here. View the program description and request more information here.

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How to pursue a certificate

Consult your academic advisor and or an advisor in the unit offering the certificate for more information.