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Program Description
Degree Awarded: MS  Technical Communication

The MS in technical communication degree program will teach students how to design, produce, and manage print and digital texts using traditional and developing technologies. The curriculum provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the professional, cultural and ethical issues that shape the field; it balances theory and practice to ensure students develop the analytical abilities, technology expertise and hands-on skills necessary for success as a technical communicator. Students who complete the program will be accomplished writers, editors, designers and researchers who are able to respond effectively to a range of audiences, issues and communication situations. The program will prepare students for technical communication positions in the private, public and nonprofit sectors and will offer professionals the opportunity to further advance their careers.

At a Glance
Degree Requirements

36 credit hours including a thesis, or
36 credit hours including the required applied project course (TWC 593)

core courses: (6 credit hours)

TWC 504 Applied Rhetoric and Technical Communication (3)
TWC 505 Research in Technical Communication (3)

restricted electives: (24 credit hours; choose 8 below)

TWC 501 Fundamentals of Technical Communication (3)*
TWC 511 Principles of Visual Communication (3)
TWC 514 Visualizing Data and Information (3)
TWC 521 Principles of Web Authoring (3)
TWC 522 Social Media in the Workplace (3)
TWC 531 Principles of Technical Editing (3)
TWC 543 Grant and Proposal Writing (3)
TWC 544 User Experience (3)
TWC 545 Content Management and Topic-Based Authoring (3)
TWC 546 Technical and Scientific Reports (3)
TWC 551 Copyright and Intellectual Property in the Electronic Age (3)
TWC 552 Information in the Digital Age (3)
TWC 584 Internship (3)
TWC 598 May be repeated with different topics (3)

culminating experience: (6 credit hours)

TWC 599 Thesis (6) or TWC 593 Applied Project (6)

total required credit hours: 36

*Students who do not have previous technical communication course work or relevant industry experience must take this course as a restricted elective.

Admission Requirements

Degree: A minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university is required. Applicants in any program of study will be accepted as potential candidates for the program.

Students must apply to Graduate Admission Services utilizing the online graduate admission application; applicants must meet all admission requirements of the Division of Graduate Education.

All applicants must submit a written letter of application that includes a detailed statement of purpose as well as a portfolio of at least three documents that demonstrate the applicant's ability to write in a variety of genres. Portfolio documents can include both academic and professional writing for a range of audiences and purposes and need not be in the area of technical communication. The portfolio should be 15 to 30 pages in length. The writing samples in the portfolio will be evaluated using a rubric that considers several criteria, including demonstration of ability to focus on a specific purpose and to meet audience needs, organization, clarity, mechanical soundness and overall effectiveness.

All applicants must submit three letters of reference, either academic or professional, that speak to the background and capabilities of the applicant.

GPA: A minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA (scale is 4.00 = "A") in the last 60 hours of a student's first bachelor's degree program is required. A minimum of 3.00 cumulative GPA (scale is 4.00 = "A") in the applicable master's degree is required.

English Proficiency Requirement: An applicant whose native language is not English (regardless of current residency) must provide proof of English proficiency. Since this degree requires a high degree of proficiency in English, an applicant whose native language is not English will be expected to have the following Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores:

Traditional paper-based: 600
Internet-based: 100
Computer-based: 250

Foreign Language Exam: None required

Required Admission Examinations: None required

Letters of Recommendation: All applicants must submit three letters of reference, either academic or professional, that speak to the background and capabilities of the applicant.

Applicants must fulfill the requirements of both the Division of Graduate Education and the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts.

Attend Online

ASU offers this program in an online format with multiple enrollment sessions throughout the year and accelerated 7.5 week classes. View the program description and request more information here.

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