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Beginning in the fall 2014 semester, this program will be affiliated with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. For more information about this change, please visit or contact your advisor.
Program Description
Degree Awarded: MSTech  Technology (Graphic Information Technology)

The MSTech with a concentration in graphic information technology provides students with the opportunity to study in the various areas of the graphics industry. These areas include the following:

  • commercial photography and technical imaging
  • multimedia and video
  • premedia, digital printing and publishing
  • web design and development

The courses offered in this degree program provide students with a working knowledge of the technology and management required of the global cross media graphics industry. This program focuses on cross media publishing and graphic imaging and is not a traditional information technology, computer science, computer information systems or information systems management program. The addition of e-media channels such as the searchable Web, tablet, smart mobile cell, social media, digital print, etc., has created new opportunities in the global industry. Changes and developments in communications technology affect everyone in the value chain to include the following: publishers, designers, premedia houses, printers and Web and multimedia developers.

The degree program has two study options: ASU Online or Polytechnic campus. Either program can be done completely at a distance. It is recommended that applicants inquire about differences in the two campus options before applying. The applicant chooses the campus when completing the online Graduate Education application. The campus cannot be changed once selected.

Accelerated Degrees
Acceptance to the graduate program requires a separate application. Eligible students will be advised in their junior and senior years by their academic department to apply.
Degree Requirements

Program requires the following:
33 credit hours and a thesis, or
33 credit hours including the required applied project course (TMC 593 or GIT 593).

Students are required to complete a minimum of 33 credit hours of graduate course work. Of the total 33 hours, a minimum of 27 credit hours must be 500-level courses and part of the approved program. Additional courses may be assigned by the faculty supervisory committee, depending on the background of the candidate. The minimum degree requirements are as follows:

Applied Project Option

technical area of emphasis (18)
supporting area (9)
research methods course (3)
applied research project (3)

Thesis Option

technical area of emphasis (18)
supporting area (9)
thesis (6)

Most graduate degree students in this program elect to do an applied project rather than a thesis. The applied project generally allows the student to thoroughly explore a graphics related problem and demonstrate knowledge of the problem, solutions for the problem and suggestions for further explanation of the problem. Students in the ASU Online program must select the applied project option.

Courses within the various graphics areas are taught on a rotating basis. The most frequently offered courses are listed below. (598 designates university omnibus classes)

GIT 500 Research Methods (3)
GIT 537 Current Issues in Quality Assurance (3)
GIT 538 Personnel Development for the Graphics Industry (3)
GIT 540 Cross-Media Design Solutions (3)
GIT 542 Information Design and Usability (3)
GIT 584 Internship (3)
GIT 590 Reading and Conference (3)
GIT 598 Advanced Internet Programming (3)
GIT 598 Color Reproduction Systems (3)
GIT 598 Current Trends in Cross Media Research (3)
GIT 598 Digital Workflow in Graphic Industries (3)
GIT 598 Graphic Industry Business Practices (3)
GIT 598 Multimedia Authoring, Scripting and Production (3)
GIT 598 Web Management and E-Commerce (3)
GIT 598 Website Design and Internet/Web Technologies (3)

Admission Requirements

Applicants must submit all the items below to complete an application file. Incomplete files will not be reviewed or considered until complete.

  1. an online Graduate Education application
  2. official transcript from each college or university attended
  3. an English proficiency exam for applicants whose native language is not English (regardless of where they may now reside)
  4. official GRE general exam scores
  5. statement of purpose (letter of application)
  6. current resume

Applicants may optionally submit two letters of recommendation.

International applicants can find complete information on the English proficiency exams and other required documents on the Graduate Education website:

For best consideration, the deadline is Feb. 1 for fall applications; Oct. 1 for spring applications; April 15 for summer applications. Late applications may still be considered for the same application term or for the next term of admission; however, the department reserves the right to deny or not review a late application.

Admission to the graduate degree program presupposes an adequate technical preparation in a selected technology at the undergraduate level. The applicant's past work and professional experience are also evaluated and taken into consideration.

Undergraduate course work of admitted applicants to this program generally include precalculus and statistics. Deficiencies for admission to the graduate degree program, if any, are specified at the time of admission and must be completed within the first year of the graduate program while concurrently enrolled in graduate-level course work.

Students must fulfill both the requirements of Graduate Education and those of the College of Technology and Innovation.

Attend Online

ASU offers this program in a fully online format with no face-to-face sessions required. We offer six enrollment sessions throughout the year, and you learn in accelerated, 7.5-week classes.

Contact Information

Dept of Tech Entrepreneurship and Innovation Mgmt | TECH 101 | 480-727-4723