Aviation Mgmt/Human Factors (MSTech)
College of Technology and Innovation

Management, Technology, aviation

Beginning in the fall 2014 semester, this program will be affiliated with the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. For more information about this change, please visit engineering.asu.edu/bettertogether or contact your advisor.
Program Description
Degree Awarded: MSTech  Technology (Aviation Management and Human Factors)

The MSTech program offers a concentration in aviation management and human factors. The program focus is on preparing graduates for a career in the aviation industry and can serve as the foundation for further advanced study. Courses are offered at the Polytechnic campus, with some courses offered online. Graduates of this program are provided with technical and professional skills for use in leadership positions in the aviation industry.

Degree Requirements

Program requires the following:
33 credit hours and a thesis, or
33 credit hours including the required applied project course (AMT 593).

The following are the core requirements for meeting the department's goal to provide an in-depth research and statistics background early in the program, as a foundation for the student's thesis or applied project. The comprehensive elective curriculum design will offer courses that reflect current and applied topics.

Core Requirements

Course selection must include the following core courses:

OMT 504 Law and Ethics for Technical Professionals (3)
OMT 549 Research Methods or equivalent (3)
PSY 530 Intermediate Statistics (3)

Students have a choice of selecting a thesis option (nine credit hours of core courses plus 18 credit hours of selected course work) or an applied project option (nine credit hours of core courses plus 21 credit hours of selected course work). The detailed design of the graduate student's total program requirements (33 credit hours) with the selection of the required courses will be the responsibility of the student along with the supervisory committee chair and committee members. The defining guideline for the department will be to match the student's specific career goals and objectives to a balanced curriculum that can be achieved in a reasonable time and in accordance with a known course-offering schedule.

Additional Requirements

Eighteen credit hours are required for the thesis option and 21 credit hours for the applied project option.

AMT 522 Aviation Law (3) (spring offering)
AMT 523 Intermodal Transportation Management (3) (summer offering)
AMT 525 Airport Planning and Design (3) (spring offering)
AMT 526 Aviation Labor Relations (3) (fall offering)
AMT 527 Airline Management Strategies (3) (fall offering)
AMT 541 Aviation Physiology (3) (fall offering)
AMT 546 Crew Resource Management/LOFT (3) (spring offering)

All master's courses will be 500-level courses. A single course exception (400-level course) may be authorized with the consensus of the supervisory committee. Students in this graduate program also have the opportunity to enroll in operations management technology and cognitive science and engineering graduate courses. Aviation students must take at least five AMT graduate courses.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must submit all the items below to complete an application file. Incomplete files will not be reviewed or considered until complete.

  1. an online Graduate Education application
  2. official transcript from each college or university attended
  3. an English proficiency exam for applicants whose native language is not English*
  4. official GRE general exam scores
  5. statement of purpose
  6. current resume
  7. three letters of recommendation

*International applicants can find complete information on the English proficiency exams and other required documents on the Graduate Education website: http://graduate.asu.edu/international.

For best consideration, the deadline is Feb. 1 for fall applications and Oct. 1 for spring applications. Late applications may still be considered for the same application term or for the next term of admission; however, the department reserves the right to deny or not review a late application.

Admission to the graduate degree program presupposes an adequate technical preparation in a selected technology at the undergraduate level. The applicant's past work and professional experience are also evaluated and taken into consideration. Undergraduate course work of admitted applicants to this program generally include calculus and statistics.

Students must fulfill both the requirements of Graduate Education and those of the College of Technology and Innovation.

Contact Information

Dept of Tech Entrepreneurship and Innovation Mgmt | TECH 101
CTIgraduate@asu.edu | 480-727-4723