College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides a diverse array of academic programs - offering more than 65 majors and close to 65 minors and certificates in our college's 21 schools and departments. Enhance your experience as an undergraduate in CLAS by working with faculty in our labs developing new vaccines, digging for the remains of our oldest human ancestors, examining the meaning of a centuries-old Buddhist manuscript, or by learning to converse in one of over 20 languages taught on our campus. Explore and develop your skills as a global citizen by participating in faculty-led study abroad programs or experience the practical applications of your learning through hands-on internships or through volunteering and community service linked to your courses and degree program. Get connected, get engaged, come to CLAS and go anywhere!

Degrees found: 82
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Actuarial Science CERT   
African and African American Studies Tempe 
African and African American Studies CERT Tempe 
American Indian Studies Tempe 
Anthropology Tempe 
Arabic Studies Tempe 
Arabic Studies CERT Tempe 
Asian Languages (Chinese) Tempe 
Asian Languages (Japanese) Tempe 
Asian Pacific American Studies CERT Tempe 
Asian Pacific American Studies Tempe 
Asian Studies CERT Tempe 
Astronomy Tempe 
Astrophysics Tempe 
Biochemistry Tempe 
Biological Sciences Tempe 
Brazilian Studies CERT Tempe 
Chemistry Tempe 
Child Life CERT Downtown Phoenix, Tempe 
Civic Education CERT Tempe 
Civil Communication CERT Tempe 
Classical Studies CERT Tempe 
Communication Tempe 
Computational Mathematical Sciences Tempe 
East Asian Studies CERT Tempe 
Economic Justice CERT Tempe 
Economics Tempe 
English  Delivery Method: Online
English (Linguistics) Tempe 
English (Literature) Tempe 
Entertainment and Technology CERT Tempe 
Environmental Humanities CERT Tempe 
Ethics CERT Tempe 
European Union Studies CERT Tempe 
Family and Human Development TempeDelivery Method: Online
Film and Media Studies TempeDelivery Method: Online
French Tempe 
Geographic Information Science CERT Tempe 
Geography Tempe 
Geological Sciences Tempe 
German Tempe 
Global Health Tempe 
Global Studies Tempe 
History TempeDelivery Method: Online
History and Philosophy of Science CERT Tempe 
Human Rights CERT Tempe 
International Studies CERT Tempe 
Islamic Studies CERT Tempe 
Italian Tempe 
Jewish Studies CERT Tempe 
Justice Studies TempeDelivery Method: Online
Korean Studies CERT Tempe 
Latin American Studies CERT Tempe 
Mathematics Tempe 
Medieval and Renaissance Studies CERT Tempe 
Military Leadership Tempe 
Philosophy TempeDelivery Method: Online
Physics Tempe 
Political Entrepreneurship through Internships: Local to Global CERT Tempe 
Political Science TempeDelivery Method: Online
Political Thought and Leadership CERT Tempe 
Psychology Tempe 
Religion and Conflict CERT Tempe 
Religious Studies TempeDelivery Method: Online
Romanian Tempe 
Russian Tempe 
Russian and East European Studies CERT Tempe 
Slavic Studies Tempe 
Social Transformation CERT Tempe 
Socio-Legal Studies CERT Tempe 
Sociology TempeDelivery Method: Online
Southeast Asian Studies CERT Tempe 
Spanish TempeDelivery Method: Online
Statistics Tempe 
Symbolic Systems CERT Tempe 
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) CERT Tempe 
Transborder Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies Tempe 
Translation CERT Tempe 
Urban Planning Tempe 
Women and Gender Studies CERT Tempe 
Women and Gender Studies TempeDelivery Method: Online
Writing (Liberal Arts and Sciences) CERT Tempe