Pathway Agreement

Maricopa Community College District
Journalism and Mass Communication, BA Pathway
Pathway Notes
2.0 GPA in coursework used to satisfy MAPP requirements. All courses must be completed with a grade of C or greater.
Special Requirements

Completion of the MAPP and all special requirements satisfies the requirements for MCCCD Associate in Arts degree and AGEC-A, meets major map requirements at ASU, and guarantees admission to the Journalism & Mass Communication B.A. degree program.

Special Requirements: Students are required to have at least a 3.0 GPA in all transferable hours of college credit earned after high school. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Pathway Requirements
First Year Composition [FYC]
ENG 101: First-Year Composition or
ENG 107: First-Year Composition for ESL
3 hrs
ENG 102: First-Year Composition or
ENG 108: First-Year Composition for ESL
3 hrs
Literacy and Critical Inquiry [L]
JRN 201: News Writing
3 hrs
Mathematical Studies [MA, CS]
MAT 140: College Mathematics or
MAT 141: College Mathematics or
MAT 142: College Mathematics or
Higher level that meets MA requirement
3-5 hrs
GBS 221: Business Statistics or
MAT 206: Elements of Statistics or
SWU 225: Statistics for Social Research/Justice and Government or
PSY 230: Introduction to Statistics
3 hrs
Humanities, Arts, and Design [HU]
PHI 101: Introduction to Philosophy or
PHI 102: Introduction to Philosophy or
PHI 103: Introduction to Logic or
PHI 105: Introduction to Ethics
3 hrs
Humanities, Arts, and Design [HU]
3 hrs
Social-Behavioral Science [SB]
ECN 212: Microeconomic Principles or
ECN 211: Macroeconomic Principles
3 hrs
MCO 120: Media and Society
3 hrs
Natural Science [SQ, SG]
Natural Science [SQ, SG]
4 hrs
Select at least one SQ course within the Natural Science Requirement.
Natural Science [SQ, SG]
4 hrs
General Education Awareness Areas [C, H, G]
Cultural Diversity in the U.S. [C]
0-3 hrs
Historical or Global Awareness [H] or [G]
0-3 hrs
MCCCD Additional Requirements
COM 100: Introduction to Human Communication or
COM 110: Interpersonal Communication or
COM 225: Public Speaking or
COM 230: Small Group Communication
0-3 hrs
CRE 101: College Critical Reading
0-3 hrs
Complete CRE 101 or equivalent.
Additional Lower Division Requirements
HIS 103: United States History to 1865 or
HIS 108: United States History 1945 to or
HIS 203: African-American History to 1865
3 hrs
POS 110: American National Government
3 hrs
SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology or
PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology
3 hrs
Related Area Course
3 hrs
Related Course: Select a course that transfers to ASU with one of the following prefixes: ASB, ASM, ACC, ECN, FIN, LES, MGT, MKT, REA, ENG, FAS, GPH, GCU, HST, COM, JUS, POS, REL, SOC, THE, THP, WSH, or WST.
Second Language: Requirement satisfied through the following: Completion of a language course at the intermediate level (202 or equivalent), including American Sign Language IV.
0-16 hrs
Lower Division Elective
0-13 hrs
Lower Division Electives should be completed once all other requirements have been met and only if needed to complete community college's associate degree requirements.
Total Required Credits: 60