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Welcome to the
Arizona State University Network
This wizard will configure your computer for secure network access.
To get started, simply accept the End User License Agreement and click 'Start'

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To ensure your security, the Arizona State University network utilizes a secure authentication mechanism to protect your user name and password. It also protects your data with network encryption. To utilize this secure network, your network connection requires specific settings.

We've provided a wizard that will auto-configure most devices. With the proliferation of devices on ASU's campuses, sometimes additional configuration is required. See the tech studios if you'd like assistance with the configurations.

XpressConnect will attempt to load automatically using a Java Applet or ActiveX. If you prefer, you may load XpressConnect manually.

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To get started, simply accept the EULA and click ' '
 I accept the terms of the EULA.
Secure Wireless at ASU:

How do I get started?

To get started, simply accept the End User License Agreement and click 'Start' when the button appears.

Why Encrypted Wireless?

Using encrypted wireless provides faster service and is a lot more secure so that others cannot hack into your system. Read More

It's not accepting my ASURITE ID and Password?

Try resetting or changing your ASURITE password.

Where is a Tech Studio on my Campus?

A map of ASU is available at Google Maps.